Patented Lens Technology. Now Offering Customized Rx Sunglasses and Dress Wear Lenses.

Patented Technology


THIN-TECH’s Powerful Software & Lens Design Technology Allows Customers to Select Virtually any Frame for Their Rx

Now is the Time to Stand Out. The Difference is Clear, Thinner and Lighter High Performance Lenses. Now it is no longer a dream to wear fashionable Rx Sunglasses and Dress Wear frames. It is a reality! Our technology is patented worldwide and designed to manage customer’s lens prescriptions, frame information and fit.

Market Opportunity Emerges – Patented Lens Design Technology.

“Each year 400 million people require corrective lenses. While many consumers would prefer to wear Rx sunglasses with premium sports and high fashion frames; they are unable due to limited conventional single vision lens designs that only service a limited prescription range. Now with THIN-TECH a new emerging market with significant demand can be serviced. THIN-TECH offers the ultimate solution of thin lenses with outstanding vision, that opens up the market for serving a new customer demand segment. With Thin Tech Lens Technology the market possibilities are endless and profitable.


The Difference is Clear, Outstanding Visual Performance With Thinner Lenses.