No Longer a Dream. Superior Vision with Thinner & Lighter Prescription Lenses.

Patented Technology

THIN-TECH Lens Technologies is a lens technology company headquartered in Largo, FL. The company was established to focus on research and development of the new Digital Lens Design Technologies for the ultimate solution for Rx Sun Lenses. We provide total digital software solutions to optical labs and new ventures. THIN-TECH Lens Technology is a software, lens design and process design company. With our years of experience and leadership in the industry, we offer consulting services for companies venturing into the new era of advanced digital lens processing using our patented Digital Surfacing Technology. We help you define the process and implement cost effective solutions. These solutions may include customized equipment and software to manage the venture into this new lens design. THIN-TECH Lens Technology is the developer of the most advanced wrap-around lens technology in single vision and progressive addition lens design. The lens design and process technology is protected and patented in the United States, Germany, Japan, Taiwan and Australia (other patents pending).  Our vision has always been clear; create a lens that has superior visual performance with a thinner appearance for the best in vision and comfort. A THIN-TECH Lens is produced using proprietary and patented production methods. These solutions consist of an over all synergistic system linking hardware, processes and software.