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3 07, 2014


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Close Video [column-group] [column] "I met Mike Jacobson six months ago when he said he would change my life forever; and he did!"- Mike N. -Detroit, MIPlay Video I’ve been wearing eye glasses all my life. I currently work at prestige hotel in midtown New York over looking Central Park. You can only image how much sun light I'm exposed to everyday. When ever I’m at work I would wear contact lens and non-prescriton sunglasses. [...]

15 08, 2013

Progressive Lens

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[column-group] [column] >> Back to Sunglasses Progressive Lens Customized THIN-TECH progressive lens designs can be precisely and effectively personalized to meet the specific visual needs of each presbyopic Rx sunglass customer. THIN-TECH designs allow for singular interaction between the wearer’s frame selection, position of wear and prescription to create a one-of-a-kind lens unique to each customer. Available in corridor lengths of 20mm, 18mm, 16mm and 14mm designs for the ultimate sunglass frame choice. [/column] [column] [...]

14 08, 2013

Single Vision Lens

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>> Back to Sunglasses Single Vision THIN-TECH Lens Design "Each year 400 million people require corrective lenses. If 10% choose Rx sunglasses in the premium sports and high fashion marketplace the potential sale is 40 million pairs of new performance sun wear per year." With Thin Tech Lens Technology the sales possibilities are endless and profitable. Click on a pair of Sunglasess to See the Difference with Our Patented Thin Technology

2 08, 2013

Blog Post #1

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ThinTech News Launching Soon. We are currently preparing our news area for launch. Please check back soon.

24 07, 2013


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[column-group] [column] Fill out my online form. [/column] [column] Sales & Licensing With responsive service and our patented product, we are ready to partner with you. Call us Today!   Thin Tech Lens Technologies, Inc. 12952 91st St. N Largo, FL 33773 Phone: (727) 210-5108     Making the Impossible, Possible. [/column] [column]     [/column] [/column-group]

24 07, 2013


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[column-group] [column] Single Vision LensProgressive Lens Sunglasses It's No Longer a Dream to Have Fashionable Rx Sunglass Lenses. It’s a Reality! Traditionally, people with stronger prescription powers have been limited in their choice in sunglass frame styles. Higher minus prescription lenses have a thick edge, while plus prescription lenses have a thicker center and nasal area of the lens. Neither is suitable for the unusual shapes and size of today's sports and fashion sunglass frames. [...]

24 07, 2013

Dress Wear

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[column-group] [column] Dress Wear THIN-TECH lens design technology offers a unique opportunity to create thinner and lighter lenses in higher power plus prescriptions. We increase the dynamic visual zone within 3-4 mm of the customers A frame measurement. This allows for the intermediate and edge zones design algorithm to drastically reduce center and nasal edge thickness. Now your customers over from a +2.00 to a +8.00 can enjoy the thinnest and lightest lenses possible with [...]

24 07, 2013

Software & Design

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[column-group] [column] The Past Traditionally, customers with eyewear prescriptions have been limited to their choice in sunwear frames. Higher minus prescription lenses have a thick edge, while plus prescription lenses have a thicker center. Neither is suitable for the unusual shapes of today's fashion sunglasses and sport frames. Now there is a solution with THIN-TECH's ultimate thin lens design technology. Now and into the Future You can now offer your customers any fashionable sunglasses frames [...]

24 07, 2013

Our Vision

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Our Vision THIN-TECH Lens Technologies is a lens technology company headquartered in Largo, FL. The company was established to focus on research and development of the new Digital Lens Design Technologies for the ultimate solution for Rx Sun Lenses. We provide total digital software solutions to optical labs and new ventures. THIN-TECH Lens Technology is a software, lens design and process design company. With our years of experience and leadership in the industry, we offer consulting [...]