Unique & Powerful Solutions. The Secret Is Our Cutting-Edge Digital Surfacing Technology

Patented Technology

The Past

Traditionally, customers with eyewear prescriptions have been limited to their choice in sunwear frames. Higher minus prescription lenses have a thick edge, while plus prescription lenses have a thicker center. Neither is suitable for the unusual shapes of today’s fashion sunglasses and sport frames. Now there is a solution with THIN-TECH’s ultimate thin lens design technology.

Now and into the Future

You can now offer your customers any fashionable sunglasses frames with the most prescriptions and a dynamic viewing zone, customized and unique to each individual.

The Software

What does THIN-TECH Lens Technologies offer that is so unique and powerful?

We offer patented software specifically designed to manage your customer’s prescriptions, lens choice, frame information and fit. THIN-TECH’s ultimate cutting-edge digital surfacing technologies produce superior products for the eye care marketplace. Development of the most advanced on-line calculation engine this technology creates customized high-base lens design at the backside of a lens. Our software and lens design technologies offer superior performance and revenue.

  • THIN-TECH offers the total Sun RX solution for eye care professionals and their clients.
  • We offer the largest prescription power range
  • Our lens design allows for maximum lens de-centering functions for the largest available blank size, up to 100 mm
  • Our dynamically engineered visual area incorporates power compensation algorithms for exceptional vision in the position of wear
  • Ultra Thin lens design- up to 40% thinner
  • Ultra Light lens design-up to 44% lighter
  • THIN-TECH is available in the widest range of lens materials
  • We offer the best solution to high plus dress wear prescriptions
  • Fashionable lens appearance with exceptional vision

Our Software – Utilizes all blank and frame data, designs and processes all materials,  manages cutting, polishing, engraving, edging, as well as block and ring selection. Lens designs can be processed in a fully automatic mode or with manual override, integrated with existing lab processes.

The Patented Design

plus minus



Patented Design

A Thin-Tech Lens Design file has a patented dynamically engineered vision zone to create the best visual performance while the intermediate and edge zones incorporates a patented smoothing algorithm that makes the edge portion is substantially thinner, while maintaining wonderful visual performance . Thin-Tech Lens Lens Technologies are covered by US Patent 8,002,404; 8,449,111, Germany Pat. Nr. 20 2010 018 595, India Pat. No. 272915, Japan patent 5202564, Australia patent 2010201129 and Taiwan patent 390269, with other major country patents pending.

Custom-Designed with Lens Power Compensation for “position of wear”

THIN-TECH Lens Design takes into consideration the customers lens prescription and frame parameters to optimize the best visual solution. The vision experience by the wearer is clearer vision in every direction of sight. With Thin-Tech(R) Lens unique design, it’s able to offer a significant reduction of lens center/edge thickness while maintaining visual performance.

Patented Technology