Making The Impossible Possible. The Ultimate Technology for Fashionable Prescription Sunglasses.

Patented Technology

It’s No Longer a Dream to Have Fashionable Rx Sunglass Lenses.
It’s a Reality!

Traditionally, people with stronger prescription powers have been limited in their choice in sunglass frame styles. Higher minus prescription lenses have a thick edge, while plus prescription lenses have a thicker center and nasal area of the lens. Neither is suitable for the unusual shapes and size of today’s sports and fashion sunglass frames. Well not anymore with THIN-TECH’s ultimate thin lens design technology. There are no restrictions. With our patented technology you can offer your customers any fashionable sunglass frame selection with virtually any prescription. THIN-TECH offers the total solution with attractive and visually appealing lenses.

The Total Solution for Rx Eye Care Professionals

  • Widest supply range – between +6.00 to -10.00 total power
  • Largest lens design – 100 mm diameter effective size, Extended decenter – up to 9mm
  • Ultra Thin – up to 38% / 40% in +4.00 / -6.00
  • Ultra Light – up to 44% / 23% in +4.00 / -6.00
  • Applicable to all kinds of lens material & product type
  • Custom made with lens power compensation and best vision quality
  • Rx fashion sunglass, stylish frames, sports frames, safety frames, and more.
  • Dynamically engineered visual performance zone.

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Ultimate Thin Lens Design Technology